To experience a total physical and mental relaxation, we invite you to visit our sauna centre to escape from everyday stress. Our wellness centre includes:

  • Infrared, Finnish and Turkish steam rooms,
  • Kneipp baths,
  • Massage pool,
  • Restroom.

The infrared sauna with the energy of infrared rays penetrating the body tissue down to 4 cm depth has a pleasant impact on several body processes. As the wavelength is adjusted to the body radiation, the body absorbs almost up to 93 % of infrared rays. The energy of infrared rays increases blood circulation, healing of scars and burns, decreases consequences of arthritis, betters headaches, back problems, and supports faster muscle regeneration after efforts.


The Turkish sauna with the inner temperature of about 45 °C and air humidity between 90 and 95 % has a pleasant influence on epidermis, widens skin pores, and enables a depth detoxification and regeneration of muscles and body. High air humidity and suitable air temperature clean respiratory ways, better cold, cough and sore throat.



The Finnish sauna is suitable for increasing the immune system, as it prevents from viral and bacterial diseases. It has a pleasant impact on the body motion system and decreases stress‐related consequences. High inner temperature accelerates perspiration but due to dry air guests show no problems with coping with it. The inner temperature comes up to between 80 and 90 °C.