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18 June 2020

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In Maribor we know what good wine is! 🙂


In the heart of every Slovene, the vine and consequently the wine, has a very special place.


Sunny hills and hardworking hands are reflected in the excellent wines we find all over our small country.


Everyone who likes to enjoy them, appreciates the effort and work, that is needed in the whole process, which is so beautifully described to us by the Slovenian national song  ‘From the earth goes to the little vine’.


Styria is also well-known among the wine connoisseurs for tasty wines that are produced here. In its capital, Maribor, we find several wine shops and bars, with a wide range of wines from winemakers of the surrounding area and also other regions.


  • Old Vine House – Hiša Stare trte
    It certainly deserves to be put in the first place out of respect for the Old Vine that grows next to it. For centuries, along the Drava, it has defied time and rewarded the care of an urban winemaker with an abundant harvest.
    Every year, the people of Maribor also dedicate the Old Vine Festival to it, which wine lovers should not miss.


Every year, the people of Maribor also dedicate the Old Vine Festival to it, which wine lovers should not miss.


At the family Hotel Bau Maribor, we kindly invite you to visit us at the end of the summer. We will be happy to offer you comfortable accommodation, an excellent breakfast and provide you with all the information you will need to visit the festival.


We are always happy to be at your disposal at info@hotel-bau.si  or by phone 02 421 63 10.


On the idyllic Lent, in the embrace of the Drava River, you will find a wine shop that has been pampering the people of Maribor with local wines for thirty years. You certainly can’t miss it, as it is located, as its name suggests, in the Water Tower, which was once part of the Maribor walls.


  • Le Vino
    Wine shop on the most livley street in Maribor – on Poštna Street. As many as 74 types of wine from 42 winemakers are offered by the glass.


  • Golden Vine – Zlata trta
    From Lent we walked across Poštna Street and if we continue our way through the historic center of Maribor, we will also find the Golden Vine with a large selection of excellent Styrian wines by the glass.


  • Vodole Wine Fountain
    A very special experience is tasting of wines and juices on the Sončni raj (Sunny Paradise) estate. With a chipped glass you can try 8 different wines from local providers and 2 natural juices.
    If you want to try something more, you can also take the Vodole wine road.


The Meranovo estate is only a few minutes away by car or bicycle from the Bau Maribor hotel. We guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a glass of excellent wine with the most beautiful view of Maribor.


On their estate, they continue the 800-year-old wine tradition of the Benedictines. Wine tasting in Jareninska mansion is a real experience also because of the historical ambience of Jareninski dvorec.


If you want to pamper yourself even more and indulge in a guide, you can choose between:
§ Rajzefiber wine walk
§ Big guy’s wine tour
§ Tasting Maribor


Because the team of the Hotel Bau Maribor always thinks of our dear guests, we are happy to prepare ideas for everyone, who does not just want to see our beloved city, but also wants to experience it and, above all, taste it.


Can you imagine a better way than with a glass of great wine, which you could say Styria’s people have in their genes?


At the Hotel Bau Maribor, we will be happy to offer it to you in the hotel lobby bar or on our covered terrace overlooking the extensive forest of Pohorje.


Since we know that Maribor and its surroundings can offer you so many wonderful and varied wines that it would be a shame to squeeze them into a single day, we will be happy to provide the best accommodation for you.


In our spacious rooms, equipped with natural materials, you will sleep well, in the morning we will be happy to arrange breakfast to your liking, and friendly receptionists will give you so many ideas for the day ahead, so that you will definitely want to stay even longer.


In our hotel, between the Drava and Pohorje, we always take care of your comfortable and relaxed stay.