Shooting range Gaj

At Hotel Bau Maribor, we are proud that we are located between two great sports shooting ranges and events. The first one (air rifle) this year has already taken place in the organization of SD I. Pohorskega bataljona Ruše (25th International Shooting Competition Ruše 2019, 11-13 January 2019).

Rušesource Shooting range Gaj, 25th International shooting competition Ruše 2019

The other one is expected to be organized by the Shooting Center Gaj between May 31st and June 2nd. They will host the 47th European Championships in Shooting of clay pigeons (Universal Trench).

Did you know that they are located in Pragersko, only 12 kilometers from Maribor? There you can find the top Olympic sports shooting range, where they also host national, European and world shooting championships.

47. tekmovanjesource: The 47th European championship of universal trench

It will be loud, but you will find peace in our Hotel Bau Maribor, located between Drava and Pohorje.

We invite the shooters, their companions and fans to rest at our hotel during the shooting competition.
We will wait for them with open hands and place them in spacious and comfortable rooms. In front of the hotel, a free parking space will be waiting for them, and if they wish, we also offer a private rental of our wellness center with three saunas and a massage pool.

We want all the competitors a steady hand and a lot of success throughout the competition!