Hall Tabor

The Hall Dvorana Tabor is located near our hotel, Hotel Bau Maribor, and is the largest covered hall in Maribor, intended for sports events and concerts. It was completed in 1984 and has a capacity of 3800 seats; when there are concerts, an additional 700 stands are available.

Dvorana_Tabor_1Foto: Hall Tabor

It is a sports facility, which also includes the Ice Skating Hall, which is primarily intended for ice hockey. Two halls occupy 9500 m², and the building itself consists of 118 rooms, which offer athletes of Maribor clubs a place for exercising and competitions, and schools in Tabor area opportunity for physical education.

Ledna_Dvorana_2Foto: Hall Tabor – Ice Hall

For several years now, in the Ice Skating Hall on Friday nights, is organized a “disco skating” from 20:30 to 22:00. This is especially popular among young people.

Various sports clubs have their home in the hall for several years, such as OK Maribor (volleyball), KK Maribor Messer (basketball), ŽKK AJM Maribor (basketball) and RK Maribor (handball). All clubs are competing in the first Slovenian league and they have excellent results.

In the upper rooms, you can watch games and trainings of table tennis and bowling.

The main hall is suitable for basketball, volleyball, badminton, fitness training as well as for the organization of various events. From 1984 to the present day, more than 7,500 events were held in both halls, where more than 6 million visitors were gathered.

Next to the main hall there is also a martial arts hall, a massage room, a seminar room and a restaurant.

Last year, in 2018, when Maribor held the title of the “European City of Sport”, the official opening of the new fitness room took place in the Hall Tabor. Fitness centre in the hall is equipped with Olympic weightlifting bats and high-quality free weights. There are 6 training benches for various exercises and 3 steel devices for performing certain specific exercises.

Despite the fact that the Hall Tabor is primarily a sports hall, other types of events are also being organized here, for example, musical concerts and dance tournaments.
Some events are traditionally held every year in the Hall Tabor.
Many participants were guests of Hotel Bau Maribor and we sincerely hope that many will be in the future .

Let me list some of the outstanding sporting events that have already happened or will happen this year:

• HANDBALL – RK Maribor Branik: RK Dol TKI Hrastnik (February 2019)
• JU JITSU – European CUP Robi Rajh Open – Open cup competition in battles up to 15 years (March 2019 – this year as 15th in a row)
• HOCKEY – Sports and Health Fair (May 2019)
• matches of national teams in futsal
• TAEKWONDO Slovenia Open – international competition
• Cup final in women’s basketball
• sports games for disabled people
• conclusion of professional boxing career of Dejan Zavec
• international gymnastic event “Šalamunov memorial

• European kickboxing championship

This year too, will be a busy one in a Hall Tabor. And even though it is getting closer to its 4th decade of age, there are still full tribunes of screaming fans or concerts visitors. The quality of events is on the same level as in many new halls. We can be proud of many great names that have been performing in the hall for years (including: Ray Charles, James Brown, Magnifico …)


Koncert Magnifica_3Foto: HallTabor – concert Magnifico

Do not forget to check on our Facebook profile which current events are organized in Hall Dvorana Tabor
It is a great honor to host many athletes at our hotel during their preparations and matches / tournaments in Maribor.

Of course, for all guests, not only for athletes, we do our best to meet their wishes as much as possible and help them feel at their best when they visit us.