What to do in Maribor? We’ve put together a few suggestions what is happening in our city:


 Tours of Maribor – for individuals

The Maribor Tourist Information Center is again organizing guided tours of Maribor for individuals on Fridays and Saturdays.

The sightseeing with a tourist guide’s company offers much more than an independent exploration of the city. For a true experience of Maribor: exceptional historical facts, rich tourist offerings and the lively beat of city streets and squares will be spiced up with a visit to one of the numerous urban providers – from museums, galleries, World’s Oldest Vine to workshops and providers of unique products.

vodeni oglediPhoto: Tours of Maribor for individuals


21. 06. – 29. 06. 2019 – Festival Lent

Discover and enjoy, meet and share happiness.
To ‘Lent’.
To live!
Festival Lent is a festival pleasuring life!

The story of Festival Lent is a story of evenings filled with the scent of summer, inviting us to meet and gather, outside, under the starry sky, among colourful lights, sounds, rhythms. To the banks of the Drava river that reflects dreamlike shapes straight out of fantasy, among the stands offering local delicacies, onto squares where one can meet friends, onto streets carrying a colourful river of visitors from all over the world. Into a city that breathes, pulses, lives!

You can read more about the event here.

25. 06. – 29. 06. 2019 -Folkart, international folklore festival

Visit the liveliest, most colourful and most culturally diverse happening on the Main stage at Lent!

Folkart represents an important part of the international Festival Lent, as every year there is a line up of performances, which brings our city folklore groups from all corners of the world. Consequently Maribor’s Folkart festival is the biggest festival of its kind in Slovenia and Central Europe, and with their merry performances folklore groups have been bringing joy to the festival’s public since 1993. Performances by folklore groupshaveenraptured each and every visitor to the floating stage on the river Drava.

The last evening of this several day long festival represents the high point of this festival, when all the groups that have participated dance together on the stage and then they call for a colourful firework display

You can read more about the event here.





27. 07. 2019 – Setting up of the Wind Rattle in Front of the Old Vine House
We kindly invite you to the city with the oldest vine in the world where each year a traditional annual event happens on the last Saturday of July. It is the setting up of the wind rattle; a unique trademark of our vineyards which keeps the Old Vine company all the way to St. Martin’s day.

Saturday, 27 July 2019
at 11am till 3pm

A traditional ethnographic event takes place in front of the Old Vine House in Lent, Maribor, and is accompanied by indispensable accordion sounds and excellent Styrian wines.

Join us and together we will listen to the song that the wind rattle will sing to the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, while we will symbolically welcome the upcoming autumn and the Old Vine Festival.

“Sunbathing on vines are ripening grapes,
and quietly in the sun they with vitality are filling,
and quietly with noble grace they are filling with the song
that the wind rattles through the hills are trilling”.
(Janko Glazer, Autumn poem)

You can read more about the event here.


Setting up of the Wind Rattle in Front of the Old Vine House




22. 09. 2019 – The ceremonious grape harvest of the oldest vine in the world

Our Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, queen of the grape vine, as the biggest ethnographic sight is given a lot of tourist promotional protocol events – the most famous and most popular is certainly the Vine’s grape harvest.

You can read more about the event here.