Environmentally friendly attitude is becoming a crucial part of our everyday life. If ecological consciousness is more and more like daily routine in our homes, why shouldn’t it be the same way on a business trip or while spending free time?

Hotel Bau supports »green« attitude by encouraging its guests to act ecologically. This way, we have been co-developing a system of business tourism, which through responsible behaviour of every single person can be seen in the widened collective awareness. Our ideas have been »green« from the very start: even when building the hotel and furniture it. We have used:

  • Furniture made of massive wood,
  • Carpets made of pure wool,
  • Bedclothes and spring mattresses made of cotton,
  • Isolation materials permeable to steam,
  • Heating with renewable energy – wood chips,
  • Recuperated ventilation (exchangers supply incoming fresh air with the energy of wasted air),
  • Rainwater collectors.

Charging places for environmental friendly vehiclescharging

Are you an owner of an electrical vehicle and are you coming to Maribor? Good news for you, in our vicinity is an electric charger for your electrical power vehicle.

The electric charger is distanced only 2,6km from our hotel, right at the most sophisticated Store Lidl.

There are 134 parking spaces for guests and two chargers for electrical vehicles. In Slovenia we are trying to enforce the usage of electrical vehicles as soon as possible. Our goal is also to establish the conditions in which the individuals could benefit the most for the nature and environment and by that also they could save money for the portage.

For the usage of an electric charger you only need an electric vehicle and a charging cable. You can use the charger during Lidls working hours.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday (8:00 – 21:00) Sunday (8:00 – 15:00)


More information about the chargers in our surroundigs: