… is more than just a run. It is the test of a person, its endurance, psychic power and skill.
The run, which is completely different from the rest, because running durability is not the only thing you need to achieve the goal, as part of the race is swimming, overcoming obstacles, crawling through narrow spaces, free climbing, jumping from the high places, carrying and lifting heavy loads, crossing mud and water areas. Source


brave runPhoto

This is the first time this year it has been organized within the framework of the Maribor Sports Weekend, which has traditionally been organized the first weekend in June since 1991.

If you are interested in other events that will take place within the Sports Weekend, you can find them here.

Given how hard the run is, at the end, participants will only want cold drinks, relaxing shower and comfortable beds. In the morning, a rich buffet breakfast is served and all this with an unforgettable view of our beautiful green Pohorje.

At Hotel Bau Maribor, between Drava and Pohorje, we always take care of your comfortable and relaxing stay!

After this strenuous activity, we invite you to our wellness center, where you can relax in 3 saunas, massage pool, Kneipp baths and tepidarium. Welcome!