41st cycling marathon around Pohorje

Most would say, why are the people of Maribor so proud of Pohorje, because it is just a hill. Is it true?

Not really, because:

1. Pohorje is mountain chain. Its highest peak is Črni Vrh, 1543.5 m.
2. Pohorje is for all people of Maribor, if not almost all Styria, a symbol of tradition, sport spirit, activity. Regardless of the seasons we invite you to visit it – in winter for skiing and sledding, in the spring and summer it calls cyclists and hikers, and in autumn it offers us plenty of forest fruits and beautiful color shades
There is a Golden Fox on Pohorje, a prestigious female competition for the World Cup, there are Slovenian, European and world events in downhill cycling, where the Mountain bike World Cup takes place.


What about goodies, such as pohorski pisker, pohorska omleta, pohorska bunka, pohorski žganci.
You just have to love Pohorje.
Can you believe that this year it is going to be 41st annual (!) Cycling marathon around Pohorje, which begins (Trg svobode square) and ends (Trg generala Maistra square) in the heart of Maribor.
Tourist cycling will be available on 147, 72, 50 and 30 kilometers long routes.
According to their website: “The purpose of the event is also to promote a healthy lifestyle and to promote recreation.” Source
At Hotel Bau Maribor, located in the middle of this marathon, between Pohorje and Drava, we appreciate this green treasure, and we encourage cyclists. You are always welcome with us to pick up new power for the kilometres ahead of you.
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We are a hotel, that is also specialized for cycling. If you need any information or maps, ask at our reception desk.
We try to make our guests have a comfortable and relaxing stay. We offer comfortable beds, a rich buffet breakfast and free parking of your bike in our garage.

All those who want to get more relaxation, visit our wellness center, where we have 3 saunas, massage pool, kneipp baths and tepidarium only for you. Welcome!

The team of Hotel Bau Maribor wishes the organizers a successful and well-attended event and good weather conditions!




Kolesarski maraton okoli Pohorja

Photo: https://okolipohorja.si/


Kolesarski maraton okoli Pohorja

Photo: https://okolipohorja.si/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/shutterstock_558086152.jpg