In this blog I will summarize the events of the two most imperial months of the year.
July was just calm and relaxing. As if the city needs a little peace to recover from all the events in June. To catch a breath, prepare and jump – in wild August!
The Drava Festival has still lasted, what was going on (and what will be) on Poštna, you can check out at their Facebook profile – Poštna.




Fans of small round violet fruits (in whatever form) could enjoy at the first Blueberry Festival, which was held at the upper station of the Pohorje Vzpenjača cable car.
Just as on July 8 some people left the Old Bridge, rarely and very few do. I will not say the bravest, because I am convinced that someone else would go for a bet or REALLY good photos for Instagram or Facebook. The organizers allowed the leap from the Old Bridge only for professionals. Yes, you read it right. There was some jumping into the Drava. Are you interested in more? Here you can read and watch the clip.
Summer weekends at the Art Camp are dedicated to the youngest and young at heart (2.6-2.9 2018). We could rented props for various sports games, watched some performance, bought a unique piece or a book, or attended one of the many workshops.


At the beginning of August, was particularly loud in Gaj, as they had a FITASC Grand Prix of Slovenia (a sort of competition in the shooting of clay pigeons). Learn more about the shooting range here.


The day after, some have been walking barefoot. A walk on Ribniško Lake was organized. And I believe this is for someone, who is used only shoes and concrete, a special experience. Again we could be like children, who do not care or shoes are on their feet (in fact, it’s even better if they are not), just to have fun! If you want to go bare feet to Ribniško Lake for the second year, you can also rest at Hotel Bau Maribor upon return.


With every highlight I collect for you, I find out how a wide range of sports events are available. Please note that this is only for Maribor and its surroundings. This summer too was no exception; because there were so many of those, that we could barely count them.
For cyclists, several different events were organized with different levels of difficulty:
• Mountain bikes across Pohorje and along the Drava valley
Bike Marathon Pohorje
Toti pecikl (each month they prepared something new) – in August, cycling to Ruše and back
• 14th climbing climb to Klopni vrh 2018
Cycling climb and hike to the Three Kings




This month, however, he was not only busy of cyclists, but also for hikers and runners. They were able to choose a route in their own way on the Trial Marathon of Pohorje. As already mentioned with the cyclists, a hike to the Tri kings was organized (here we meet skiers in winter). At the end of both hikes, there was waiting a wonderful view for the participants.
Perhaps you are not too a sporty type, but you prefer music and some performance. We can quickly find something for you too…
For the kids, was well taken care of at the aforementioned Art Camp and on the traditional Summer Puppet Port, which LGM has been organizing since 1990. Anyone who would like to visit it the next year, when they are celebrating their round 30th anniversary, do not forget to book rooms in our Hotel Bau Maribor.


poletni lutkovni pristan



In August, Friday’s and Saturday’s were musical on the Grajski trg square in the city. Every time you could listen to the new band, new style and new choruses.

muzika na grajskemPhoto

So you will know: it will happen in September. Are you interested what? First, check here and then live. If it all goes too long in the night and it’s too far to go home, come to us – to the hotel Bau Maribor.
Do you like ethnic music? Then you would enjoy the Damir Mazrek trio Gypsy Blues concert.

In a unique stone amphitheater, embraced with the mighty spruces, at the foot of Pohorje were some events again. In a beautiful location in Ruše, we have been able to attend concerts, performances and workshops for nineteenth time. You are welcome to the Summer stage Ruše also the next year! Do not forget to book accommodation with us!




Last weekend in August, an international DJ weekend took place in the atrium of Žički dvor, which was attended by fans of electronic music. We would like to claim that, because of the location itself, the experience was unforgettable.


Just like the tradition of our wine-growing regions, our Old Vine also got its own wind rattle-klopotec, which accompany her until St. Martins Day Celebration (Martinovanje). It was placed in the presence of the mayor, a city viceroy, who is also the guardian of Old Vine, Stane Kocutar, some Queens of Wine and the Malečniks brači (grape pickers from Malečnik). Neuvirtovi Štajerci and Il divji were taking care of the musical accompaniment. The installation of the klopotec reminds us that the 18th Old Vine Festival, the wine, culinary and cultural tribute to the oldest vine in the world, will be held this year between September 28 and November 12, 2018. Do you want another tip? You can stay with us if you book the Old Vine Festival package, which brings you many benefits.


Speaking of packages, this year you have missed the wonderful package Festival Maribor (don’t forget it next year!), But you can still take advantage of the package Maribor Theatre Festival and take part in the events at the Slovene National Theatre (SNG) Maribor during Maribor Theatre Festival.



Even this year Veteran Club Maribor has invited us to a truly traditional, already 30th international meeting of the old vehicles of Styria 2018. On August 25, the Square of Freedom gathered owners and lovers of vintage cars. The rally took place around Maribor and its surroundings, where the participants watched and tasted many things.
We definitely hope that we will be able to see beauties also the next year. When will the rally be? Follow the events on our website and our Facebook page. We will remind you of him, and you will book your stay with us. We are convinced that your steel hobby will be more than perfect in our parking lot.



Food is certainly important, because without it we could not survive. But people are separated into those who eat because they must. They do not complicate it. Just so much that something is. And those who get their eyes light up when they talk to the food. And if is this talk accompanied with something good to eat, it’s all the better. They would try everything and will eat with love.
On Street Food Market Maribor, both types of eateries were welcomed, but who used to enjoy it more, decide for yourself!




The meteorological summer has expired. September is awaiting us, which also shows this to us from time to time. Some are still catching at least a calendar summer and enjoy the last rays of the sun at sea. Others (vineyards and orchard owners…) expect the autumn with the open hands, because with her arrival they will be able to see what kind of fruit their efforts have brought.
Dear guests, at the Hotel Bau Maribor, we are trying to make your experience nice and keep you happy. Maybe in the short version: to feel as at home.
We are always happy when you remember us and rate our service. Doesn’t matter on which website: Tripadvisor, Booking, Google, Facebook, Expedia or any other. For each comment, we thank you from the heart, since some of them are confirming, that we are in the right direction, while others help us to be always better!